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Grease Traps Cleaning

Use of high pressure steam
24/7 Emergency Response
Grease Traps Cleaning

It's extremely important to regularly service your fat and grease traps. Cleaning and decontaminating them means that they work effectively and ensures that any harmful or toxic substances are removed. Regardless of your arrangement, whether you're a householder or a restaurant entrepreneur, we will be sure to deliver a plan or solution that suits your setup.

For one off cleans or regular maintenance schedules, we've gained the reputation of offering a professional, efficient service no matter where you are based in London or the South East. Our experience and capability will enable us to leave you with a safe, clean and hygienic fat or grease trap.

If grease traps are not maintained or disposal temperatures too high, then the consequential effect is a large blockage further down the sewer as witnessed by the creation Fatbergs.

For more information please call us on 0800 740 8888.

Commercial kitchen cleaning
Scheduled maintenance
Cleaning of external and internal fat traps
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24 Hour Helpline

500 metres of Kevlar reinforced cable

Built in HD DVD Recorder

Full, comprehensive report within 48 hours

Accesses 150mm to 1,000mm diameter pipes

Full tilt and pan filming capabilities

Detects faults to prevent flooding

Smooth, self-levelling technology

HD camera for clear recording

Finds faults in sewers, drains and pipelines

Highly sophisticated robotic camera